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Jacob's Ladder - Children's Book - Cover Page

Jacob and Halley are the best of friends. They live in the small town of Hadderville and they do absolutely everything together! Every day after school, they meet up in Jacob's tree house to start their next adventure, but one day Halley doesn't show up! How far will Jacob go to find her?

Jake's first kid's book, available in Paperback and eBook formats HERE!

Oswald - Front Cover.jpg

Oswald is a golden retriever that's never wanted anything more than a family that would love him forever. He found just that when Nancy and Martin adopted him from the shelter! Life couldn't be better for Oswald, until one day... When he thinks his parents are planning on getting a new puppy. Is he ready for a new sibling?

Jake's second kid's book, available in Paperback and eBook formats HERE!


Damien has lived with the triceratops for as long as he can remember! He loves helping out around the swamp and going on adventures with his best pal, Trey. As happy as he is, Damien has always wondered where he really came from; that is until one night when he and Trey set out on a quest to find out once and for all! Will the brave explorers discover the truth on their journey... or perhaps something even greater?

Jake's third kid's book, available in Paperback and eBook formats HERE!

Norman Space Bat - Cover.jpeg

Norman is an ordinary bat and he couldn't be happier with his extremely average life. That would all change on one fateful day when he finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime! From giant black holes to ancient prophecies... With the help of some new friends, will Norman be able to make his way back home and perhaps discover his true purpose in this wild world?

Jake's fourth kid's book, available as an eBook HERE!

Also available as a Paperback HERE!